Menstrual signs you should never ignore

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Menstruation or period is an inevitable phenomenon in almost every woman’s life. But that does not necessarily mean suffering will accompany, too. Although it does come with a baggage, there can be ways to avert it or, at the least, reduce its severity with the help of treatment. If your periods are irregular then that could pose a threat or indicate that something is certainly wrong. So ladies, do watch out for these five signs mentioned below.

No periods

Amenorrhea is the term for this condition. Ideally, your menstrual cycle should begin when you are about 16 years of age. But when it does not, it is called primary amenorrhea. It can occur due to various factors, such as genetic syndromes, intersex conditions, hormonal disorders etc. The worse case is secondary amenorrhea which is when you have had your period at the expected age but skipped three or more cycles. This can be triggered by pregnancy, menopause or hormones. So, whenever you see the symptoms of either primary or secondary amenorrhea, do visit the doctor for in-depth information and treatment.

Unbearable cramps

Unbearable cramps tips - Menstrual SignsDysmenorrhea is basically a painful period. Along with it, one may have nausea, vomiting, digestion problems, dizziness, headaches etc.

The excess pain could also be signs of conditions such as endometriosis, leiomyoma, adenomyosis, or ovarian cysts which, in the long run, could lead to infertility and anemia. So, make sure to visit your doctor as and when you come across these signs.

Crazy PMSing

A whopping 80 per cent of women witness symptoms like acne, bloating, fatigue, tender breasts and mood swings before the arrival of their period. All these symptoms are collectively known as premenstrual symptoms (PMS). A slightly more intense version of this is what 30 per cent of women experience, and doctors call it the medical definition of PMS. Here, emotional symptoms such as irritation, crying, frustration can be observed. But five per cent of women experience the chronic or severe form of PMS, called premenstrual dysphoric disorder. This needs immediate medical attention, for it might pose a threat in the long run.

A lot of bleeding

A LOT of bleeding - Menstrual SignsIf the frequency of changing your pad or tampon is less than every two hours, then that is too much of bleeding and a reason to worry. This term is known as menorrhagia, which is often caused by a growth in the uterus. If this is not treated at the start of it, this could have the potential of becoming a life-threatening. So do seek your doctor’s help in this regard without any delay.

Never-ending periods

If your periods seem to last longer than 10-14 days, then this is also termed as menorrhagia. One must visit the gynecologist for proper treatment.

So, do keep tabs on your menstrual cycle and its duration, variation, flow etc. If anything seems fishy, it is a must to see your doctor in order to safeguard your health.