Is Standing Desk Good Or Bad?

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In last few years, standing desks are increasingly being used in workplaces. One of the most important reason behind standing desks becoming popular are the health benefits associated with using them.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

Using a standing desk involves standing for long periods of time at work instead of sitting. Standing reduces the risk of weight gain and obesity It has also been found that it helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

A study shows that standing for an extended period is associated with improved blood circulation and lower risk of suffering from heart attacks as compared to sitting.

Apart from reducing obesity, standing desk also improves concentration and increases work productivity. It also boosts metabolism by aiding in digestion and increasing intestinal motility.

Standing Desk


What If I Don’T Have Standing Desk At My Workplace?

If you don’t have standing desk at your workplace, you should make it a point that you spend at least two hours every day standing instead of sitting.

Sitting for long can lead to backache, neck pain and predispose to lifestyle disorders such as obesity, weight gain and cardiovascular disorders. Standing instead of sitting helps in taking preventive measures and thus avoids progress of these lifestyle diseases.

To prevent side effects of prolonged sitting, follow a basic rule of 20:8:2. 20 minutes of sitting at work or at home followed by 8 minutes of standing and 2 minutes of walking.

Disadvantages of Standing Desk

Standing for longer duration than recommended has its adverse effects too. If one suddenly starts standing for an extended period, there are chances that they will experience leg pain and foot pain. Standing for long durations regularly, for example in case of bus conductors and traffic policeman, can cause varicose veins.

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