Health Problems Commonly Seen With Computer Use

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Technology has become an integral part of our lives and an essential tool in every field. But, with an increasing number of computer users, the number of health issues are also growing at a rapid pace.

If you work in front of a computer for a few hours, you may not be at health risk. But if you spend more than 4 hours every day, then you should be aware of the following health issues:

Musculoskeletal Problems

Soreness of muscles and fatigue are the most common complaints of regular computer users. Back pain, chest pain, pain or numbness in arms, shoulders and feet top the list. These types of problems mainly occur because of improper posture while using the computer. Either you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair, or your desk is not supportive of proper position.


  • Adjust the chair and desk in such a way that your screen is either at your eye level or lower. Sit straight and legs perpendicular to the floor with feet resting flat on the floor. Your elbows should relax on the sides.
  • Take short breaks from work and stretch a bit or go for a short walk.

Repetitive Stress Injury

Pain in the neck, shoulder, or anywhere from the shoulder to fingers may show repetitive stress injury. When you use your muscles in an awkward position, you may experience stiffness, pain, or swelling in that area.

For example, twisting the wrist to use the mouse or specific typing technique that causes stretching of fingers or pressure on the wrist, can turn painful. One of the disorders that affects the fingers and wrist is carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Adjust the mouse beside the keyboard. Move your entire arm while moving the mouse. Typing should be gentle. Do not set your wrists in a particular position while typing.
  • Relax your arms when you are not typing or using the mouse.

Vision Problems

Bright light and harmful glare or flickering image can strain your eyes. Continuous focusing on the screen without blinking can cause dry eyes. You may suffer from other problem like Computer vision syndrome.


  • Adjust the contrast and brightness in a way that your eyes are not strained. You can tilt your screen to avoid glare.
  • Maintain a proper distance from the screen. Look away from the display randomly. Don’t forget to blink.


Because of increased muscle tension or pain in the neck at the base of the skull, headache is a common problem with computer use. Extended use can affect eye power, which needs vision correction. This can also result in headache.


  • Get your eye power tested if a headache is a common problem with computer use.
  • Continuous looking down or stretching the neck sideways can also cause pain. Take breaks in between and rotate your neck a bit to release the strain.


Studies have shown that prolonged use of computers, especially in children, is the major contributing factor of sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity.


  • Set time limits for your children if they insist on playing computer games.
  • Encourage your children to play outdoor games or to take up a hobby. Involve them in extra-curricular activities.
  • Adults who work for 7-8 hours should avoid spending time on the computer after reaching home. Your body and mind both need to relax. Join a gym or go for an evening jog and stay physically active.

Stress Disorders

Technology has a significant impact on our behaviour and emotions. Long term use of the computer, along with other factors like poor health, work pressure, and job environment, can make you susceptible to stress.

Moreover, the longer you uphold the stress, the more vulnerable you become to other health issues mentioned above. It can also lead to loss of concentration, dizziness, and weariness.


  • Be active and take necessary measures to fight stress before it affects your health. Try natural remedies to overcome anxiety. Also, take a look at these yoga poses that can beat stress and laughter yoga to bet stress.

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