Why Should You Check Your Cervical Mucus To See Whether You Are Fertile Or Not?

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Well, it may take some time to work on learning how to know the changes in your cervical mucus. It is an easy and effective way to predict your fertility. And fertility of female is a big question mark nowadays as the lifestyle, and climatic changes start affecting the body significantly.

Cervical Mucus

Ovulation And Fertility

Ovulation relation BETWEEN CERVIX AND FERTILITY: It is the process of releasing an egg from your body. For a female, ovulation is the most crucial process that helps to confirm a female’s fertility. Hence, if a female is ovulating regularly then she is fertile. And during the period of ovulation in a month, you are the most fertile to get pregnant.

During ovulation, there will be few changes in the body, which may not be so visible like your menstruation. The symptoms may be nausea, pain, and cramps in the lower abdomen, weakness, 1-2 drops of bleeding, etc. All these symptoms are person specific. But some internal changes occur in all females. Hence, if you want to get pregnant, you may follow something confirmatory to become pregnant. We will see now what can help you to find out about your ovulation.


Cervix is one of your reproductive parts, which connects your vagina to the uterus. It has got an essential role in the delivery of baby, to push out your baby from your womb to the vagina. It helps in preventing foreign bodies that can enter the uterus. It also helps in the smooth journey of sperm through the cervix into the uterus by the help of cervical mucus.


Cervical mucus is a sign of your ovulation. The cervical mucus will generally be very thin. During ovulation, it gets thickened and resembles a raw egg. This is the right time to have intercourse if you want to get pregnant. Cervical changes are one of the markers to confirm your ovulation. You may check your basal body temperature also. It is nothing but the heat of the body at rest.

Let us see how it works: Glands around the cervix secrete cervical mucus. Hormones help with the amount and consistency of this mucus during a woman’s reproductive period. The mucus lining of the uterus secretes a thick white fluid and it has different functions. When you’re not in ovulation period or getting near to ovulation, then your cervix secrets more mucus and it helps in stopping the sperm from getting into your uterus, and you can’t get pregnant.

During the ovulation period, that is, when you’re in the most fertile time, your cervical mucus is stretchy and clear. At this time, it protects the sperm and helps the sperm in traveling toward the egg. If you can properly identify the temperature variation in your body during ovulation as well as other minute changes, then it will be more comfortable to follow your fertility period too. Hence it is always better to go for the cervical mucus tests to confirm your ovulation and to accurately track it to get pregnant

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