Causes Of Knee Pain In Office

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Sitting on a desk for prolonged duration with legs bent can lead to stiffness and pain in the knees. This type of knee pain is also called as Office Knee. Although it is not so common, painful office knees can affect knee joints in the long run and can consequently lead to deterioration of your quality of life.

Causes Of Knee Pain `Office

Prolonged sitting

Sitting all day with legs folded at knee joint can lead to stiffness, especially in your weight-bearing joints like hip and knee joints.


Obesity is widespread nowadays due to the sedentary lifestyle. Your extra weight can cause additional tension and pain in the weight bearing joints.

Incorrect furniture or position

If the furniture in your office is not well designed to maintain proper posture or height, you may suffer from stiffness and pain in weight bearing joints. Especially chairs which are lower in height are associated with more pain and discomfort.

Knee Pain In Office

Sitting for long hours in air-conditioned environment

Sitting in an air-conditioned room for 8-10 hours every day will reduce your blood flow, causing pain and swelling in the lower limbs.

  • Elevate your legs, use cushions or foot stand for better flow of blood.
  • Adjust your chair to appropriate height to maintain a healthy posture.
  • Avoid sitting continuously for long. Do stretching exercises in your seat to improve blood circulation.
  • Get up from your chair and walk around in every 30-45 minutes to avoid muscle stiffness.
  • Include lot of anti-inflammatory food items in your diet like berries, turmeric, and citrus fruits.
  • If you have a standing desk at the office, use it.
  • Use hot water or electric bags in the office, whenever time permits. You may keep it below your knees and back.
  • Reduce your weight, if you are in the overweight or obese.
  • Consult your Doctor to take medications for the pain.
  • Check your Vitamin D3 annually. Take supplements if Vitamin D3 levels are below necessary requirements.

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